In November of 1972 a twenty-six year old woman walked into the clinic of Dr Connie Pinkerton Uri. Dr Uri is a Choctaw and Cherokee physician located in Los Angeles. This young woman wanted to start a family with her husband and she requested a “womb transplant”. She informed Dr Uri that she had received a complete hysterectomy by an Indian Health Services (IHS) physician in 1966. That physician told her that the surgery was reversible. This is just one example of the many personal accounts of women being sterilized without consent. After other complaints were voiced by other Native American patients concerning this issue, Dr Uri started to investigate. Her independent study revealed that one in four Native American women had undergone forced sterilization without consent and that the IHS has targeted full blooded Native American women. (Stubblefield 2)Over the next couple years other IHS doctors began to question the sterilization practices they had been seeing. Uri took the information she had accumulated to Senator James Abourezk of South Dakota, the chairman of the Senate Interior Subcommittee on Indian Affairs. Along with information from other physicians, Native American activists, and concerned HIS employees, Abourezk launched an investigation by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) on April, 30, 1975 (Lawrence 2000).

The video below presents the facts and the Indian activist at the end expresses the outrage and utter disregard for the Native American people. It is difficult to understand that our government could be so cruel and have such a calculated plan for the genocide of a people. (Posted by Stephanie)